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JColtrane is a framework that uses SAX from JAVA, in background, to parse xml documents in a easy way.

The name of framework is a tribute to John Coltrane, a famous sax player that most people define as: "better than sax alone".

If you have ever worked with SAX, probably you asked yourself one or more of those questions:

  • Why SAX doesn't have some default conditions, and giveme a easy way to create my own conditions, saving me from code a lot of annoying blocks if/else and making maintence easier?
  • Why SAX doesn't keep past elements to help me, saving me work and time?
  • Why, when using SAX, have I to extend a class (DefaultHandler), implementing methods with a lot of parameters, once I don't need all of them, or I even don't need all implemented methods?
  • How do I make the XML parsing process extensible?

The purpose of JColtrane is answer the previous questions, building solutions to allow users to produce clean, extensible and easy to maintain JAVA code when parsing XML documents. There are two tutorials:

  1. User Guide
  2. How JColtrane Works

User Guide is destinated to users that want use JColtrane in some aplication. How JColtrane Works is destinated to people that want to know more about the source code and maybe make some changes in it. To understand How JColtranane Works, it's not necessary to read User Guide first, but, for most people, doing this is the easiest way to full understanding. So, it's up to you!